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Here we go again. Voter turnout is really high - perhaps high enough that TX turnout won't be in the bottom 10 States this time? But someone thinks that's bad: even outside his District, and even ... See more

“Hotze is a GOP activist in Houston Champion is a GOP candidate for Congress. Hemphill is a GOP candidate for District Court. Toth is GOP member of Texas House from The Woodlands.”

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From Lorena:

Texans are strong, there is no doubt. We proudly talk about our great state, far and wide. Texans are compassionate, resilient, and stand up for what’s right. During difficult times like these, when we are hard hit by a worldwide pandemic, Texans don’t back down: we immediately stand up and ask “How can we help?” 

We are quick to take action, and we lead by example. We love our home sweet home, Texas, the greatest of all 50 states. We will do what it takes to make our state stronger, to lift up our neighbors and improve our neighborhoods.

We have made progress, but there is still important work to do. Texas ranks 40th in the country in terms of child poverty, 42nd in childhood immunization rates, 45th in the ratio of primary care doctors per person. And we rank dead last among states in the percentage of our citizens who have health insurance.

I am running to represent House District 15, proof that Texas knows its time to rise up to the task. Texas takes care of itself and its people. Texans are stronger, TOGETHER. Now, let’s get to work.

Map of Texas House District 15
Map of Texas House District 15

About Lorena

Lorena Perez McGill is a dynamic lawyer, wife and mother with decades of experience bringing people together to help those who need help most. She is a fiscally conservative, moderate Democrat who believes that our democracy serves citizens best when voters have a choice at the polls, and checks and balances in place at the Capitol. Lorena wants to advocate for District 15 residents and make our state a better place for ALL Texans by focusing on real business and infrastructure challenges, improving opportunities in schools, and working with our communities on common-sense reforms.

Professionally, Lorena has considerable deal-making and dispute resolution experience. Before moving her family to The Woodlands, she was in the Department of Legal Services at the Organization of American States (a public inter-governmental organization, and a regional agency of the U.N. in the Western Hemisphere); and previously, at Baker Botts LLP, with their litigation, corporate, and environmental groups in Washington, D.C. She currently has an immigration practice that focuses on representation of victims of crimes and domestic violence, asylum-seekers, and employment and family petitions. She also volunteers various with local nonprofits, offering pro bono representation on immigration matters.

Lorena holds a Master of Laws from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. and a J.D. equivalent from Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra in Santiago, Dominican Republic. She teaches at American University Washington College of Law, and has taught at University of Houston Law Center and Georgetown University Law Center. Lorena and her husband Brian moved to The Woodlands almost five years ago with ExxonMobil, and have fallen in love with their new hometown. They have two children who attend public schools. They are active members of Trinity Episcopal Church where they are participants in several community outreach missions.

Lorena’s 5 steps to make government work, protect our economy and show respect for taxpayers:

Make bi-partisanship the rule.

The only way to pull through this crisis is to work together. Now more than ever, bipartisanship is key. I will only file bills that have a Republican co-sponsor.

Give business a seat at the table.

Businesses, especially small and medium-sized, are suffering the most through this pandemic. We must ensure that those who until now steered our economy, make it through this crisis so they may again generate opportunities for our workforce. That’s the only way we will pull through this COVID-19 crisis together.

Make everyone's voice heard.

Every Texan has a voice, and the redrawing of district lines that will follow our 2020 census, must ensure that each Texan’s voice is protected and heard.

Address uncompensated care.

Now more than ever, we must find a way to collect federal reimbursement dollars so we may relieve pressure on businesses, families, and taxpayers.

Continue to boost public education.

The future of our community and our state depends on quality public education. Our public education system is being put to the test with this pandemic; we must work together to find appropriate funding to comply with the existing mandates and to make sure that the money for education stays in education.

The Platform:

Public Education:

The passing of HB3 in 2019 was much needed for our hard working Texas teachers and students. An $11 Billion Bill focused on school finance and public education, HB3 included over $6 Billion for school resources for much needed increases in Texas’ teachers’ salaries, and $5 Billion for property tax reform. But we can’t stop there. Soon, our legislature will be faced again with more difficult questions about how to continue to fund our public education. The most important question is, what is the sustainability of this structure for the future?” HB3 was passed based on the assumption that every district in the state would have property values continue to grow over 5% — an assumption we are now realizing is fragile and much less likely to happen in light of the current economic impact of the Coronavirus crisis.

Additionally, the law compresses the property taxes inequitably, causing some districts to tax at lower rates than others. The law did not address and fix the appraisal of commercial or industrial property. Our state’s future depends on quality public education; now more than ever, we must make sure that all the money for education stays in education and that it is not used to fund pet projects in other districts.


Every Texan has a voice; each and every voice must be heard, and must be protected. Through bipartisanship, I will make sure that the redrawing of district lines does not favor one area and marginalize another.

Gerrymandering has no place in our country’s modern day history. The 2020 census will cause redistricting of political boundaries; therefore, it is imperative that we do not allow our state legislature to redraw arbitrary lines that favor one area over another. These boundaries have been drawn before to allow the powerful to ensure their political power, and to keep it that way. Described a couple of years ago as “discriminatory at its heart” by a U.S. District Court, our current districts don’t fully represent every Texans’ voice. And that is wrong. All Texans have a voice. I vow to protect this Texan value.

Access to Healthcare:

We are in the midst of a serious Coronavirus Pandemic. Nobody can ignore the fact that health infrastructure is critical to maintaining the population safe and productive. We are blessed with 5 of the major hospital systems in Texas House District 15. However, a large percent of our population is uninsured. We can do better.

We must take a look at our populations to drive better health outcomes. I know that Texans help Texans and we will do better.


The potential incorporation of The Woodlands Township in to District 15 is ever looming. A local issue that would affect residents of The Woodlands, this incorporation would affect two-thirds of the residents of Texas House District 15, adding levels of bureaucracy, and likely raising taxes with minimal changes in our services: those who want to move to incorporate The Woodlands are trying to jam incorporation down the throats of local citizens. I vow to work to protect our district from local officials’ attempt at consolidating their power.

Gun Sense:

I appreciate the long history of arms in Texas, and I know that few areas are more passionate than this one. As a license to carry owner, I enjoy shooting at the range just as much as the next Texan. I support a Texas that enforces common sense gun safety legislation.

So what do we do? We must enforce the laws that exist. I support common sense ideas like imposing a 24 hour waiting period. I support increased background checks. I support a Texas that allows guns to be used responsibly and keeps them out of the hands of those who cannot handle this responsibility.

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