Lorena’s 5 steps to make government work, protect our economy and show a respect for taxpayers.

Make bi-partisanship the rule.

I will only file bills that have a Republican co-sponsor. Let’s work together and stop the political games.

Give business a seat at the table.

Hyper-partisanship has pushed business out of the room and is costing Texas jobs. We need those driving our economy to have a full seat at the table.

Address uncompensated care.

Uncompensated hospital bills are driving premiums even higher. It’s time to collect federal reimbursement dollars to relieve pressure on businesses, families and taxpayers.

Stop double taxing us on schools.

The state’s failure to fund schools is driving property taxes through the roof. And the state’s failure to reform school finance has districts across the state losing millions.

Champion flood mitigation and infrastructure development.

The state’s infrastructure is aging and hasn’t kept up with growth. Let’s stop the cycle of flood and fix — because it’s not a matter if it will flood again, but when.

About Lorena

Lorena Perez McGill is a dynamic lawyer, professor, wife and mother with decades of experience bringing people together to help those who need help most. She is a fiscally conservative, moderate Democrat who believes it is time to stop fighting in Austin and start fixing the actual day-to-day problems facing Texans. She believes that our democracy serves citizens best when voters have a choice at the polls, and checks and balances in place at the Capitol. Lorena wants to advocate for District 15 residents and make our state a better place for ALL Texans by focusing on real business and infrastructure challenges, improving opportunities in schools, and working with immigrant communities on common-sense reforms.

Professionally, Lorena has considerable deal-making and dispute resolution experience. Before moving her family to The Woodlands, she was in the Department of Legal Services at the Organization of American States (a public inter-governmental organization, and a regional agency of the U.N. in the Western Hemisphere); and previously, at Baker Botts LLP, with their litigation, corporate, and environmental groups in Washington, D.C.

Lorena holds a Master of Laws from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. and a J.D. equivalent from Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra in Santiago, Dominican Republic. She is currently an adjunct professor at University of Houston Law Center and has previously been on faculty at Georgetown University Law Center. Lorena and her husband Brian moved to The Woodlands almost three years ago with ExxonMobil, and have fallen in love with their new hometown. They have two children who attend public schools. They are active members of Trinity Episcopal Church where they are participants in several community outreach missions.

Property Tax Reform

that reduces the burden on homeowners and small businesses while better funding schools so they can prepare ALL students to power our businesses & fuel our economy into the future.

Public Education

that fairly distributes funding by closing the corporate property tax loophole. I will also focus on improving education outcomes by decreasing the burden of standardized tests, ensuring access for students with unique needs, and safeguarding our teachers retirements so we can attract and retain the best.

Flood-mitigation Standards

that keep our families and their investments safe– it’s about time we update FEMA maps, establish new standards that reflect rising flood levels and fund projects that can reduce flood risks in South Montgomery County and across Texas.

Infrastructure Investment

that serves the great people who already call themselves Texans, and those yet to come. Our roads, bridges, and public transportation need to help us get around our state safely and efficiently.

Common-sense Immigration Reform

that recognizes the mutual investments we’ve made and works with immigrant communities rather than demonize them.

Border Security

that doesn’t depend on antiquated and ineffective physical barriers, thereby respecting property-owners. We must utilize available technology as well as coordinate not only our State and Federal government, but foster a healthy relationship with other governments.

Healthcare Strategy

that works to provide affordable healthcare solutions and access for all Texans. It’s imperative that we also address our troubling maternal mortality rate.

Equal Opportunity

for all, regardless of race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation. No Texan should be denied the right to get married, raise children, or serve their country because of who they are.

Common Sense Gun Reform

with a goal of decreasing gun violence while protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Texans. We can start to do this by closing background check loopholes, instituting a waiting period on gun purchases, and expanding access to mental health care among other simple reforms on which the majority of Texans can agree.

Thank you Moms Demand Action – TX— I’m honored to receive your Gun Sense Candidate certification! Respecting rights and protecting lives goes hand-in-hand. Common-sense solutions that include improved access to mental healthcare here in Texas just make sense.

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